Kurt Cobain

Kurt was the lead guitarist, lead singer, and song writer for the early 90's band Nirvana. Kurt first started playing guitar when his uncle asked him if he’d like a guitar or bike as a gift, obviously he chose guitar. He started playing AC/DC and The Cars guitar parts before starting to write his own songs.

After he’d been playing guitar for awhile he started looking for people to play with. While looking he came across Krist Novoselic and created what was soon to be known as Nirvana.

Many people would consider Nirvana the band that made “Grunge” popular. Kurt was considered a “Spokesmen” for the era called “Generation X”  Kurt was a heavy drug addict and was a very depressed person, hence there songs about rape, drugs, and how messed up peoples lives were. He was found dead in his house in Seattle with a shotgun.  Though it seems obvious that he killed himself, some people seem to think he was murdered.